Holos Education provides training and consultancy services to those who work with children, young people and communities. We also offer an innovative outreach service that brings together best practice from the informal and formal education sectors.  

A fresh approach is needed if we are to successfully combat the issues communities and young people face today; inequality in educational outcomes, resilience and wellbeing issues and housing and unemployment problems.  Schools, colleges and young people’s services are increasingly being asked by government and communities to respond to these challenges.

The team at Holos Education combines their extensive experience and expertise of informal and formal education allowing them to provide innovative solutions to the challenges professionals face. This holistic approach to education allows for a unique perspective on issues of engagement, participation and the necessary skills communities and young people need to succeed.  

Our 3 distinct education services are:

Holos Education provides a bespoke consultancy service by assigning specialist staff to work alongside individuals, teams or organisations in achieving their current improvement priorities through a menu of coaching, mentoring and professional training.

We work with organisations to design and deliver bespoke training that meets the development needs of employers and their workforce. From workshops, accredited courses and recognised vocational qualifications; Holos Education works with organisations and individuals to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best services for communities, children and young people

Our Outreach work includes Personal Social Education (PSE) and Work Related Education (WRE) workshops and courses delivered in community, youth and school settings.  We work with issue-based projects, youth & community practitioners and school staff to design and deliver early intervention programmes for young people at risk of exclusion or of becoming NEET.  We also work in communities to deliver workshops and courses for adult learners on a range of topics including positive parenting, volunteering, employability and life skills and democratic participation.

Mission statement
Holos Education is a partnership that bridges the gap between formal and informal education; providing workforce development, consultancy and youth and family outreach services that bring together the person-centred philosophy of the youth & community sector with the qualifications and skills focus of the formal learning sector.  

It is our firm belief that to wholly prepare young people for the future they aspire to, requires a holistic approach from those who work with them in either in schools or youth and community services.  Holos means ‘entire, complete whole ‘ and represents our vision for the sort of informal and formal education young people deserve.  

One that aims to:
•    Nurture the whole person and prepares them to participate and contribute fully to society.
•    Acknowledge the importance of personal development and consciousness of wellbeing in achieving academic success and work readiness.  
•    Facilitate shared learning between school, youth and community work practitioners to develop a holistic approach to education.

Holos Education aims to bridge the gap between the these sectors by providing bespoke training to young people’s services, community organisations and schools and opening up a dialogue through which practitioners can engage in learning and discussion about what constitutes a ‘whole’ education in the 21st Century.